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Call 07980 837858

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Provisional Driving Licence......
You will need to apply for and receive your provisional driving licence  before starting to learn to drive. To apply for your licence you can click here, visit the DVLC website,  or obtain a D1 form from your local post office. It takes approximately  three weeks to receive your new licence. If you want to start as soon  as you are 17, make sure you apply early. You can apply up to 3 months  before your 17th birthday.     

Start Driving Lessons......
The next step is to start your driving lessons. This is where I can help! I am often asked "How many lessons will I need?" This is a very difficult question to answer, as everybody is different.  It can be as little as 10 hours or as many as 100 hours. It depends on a  number of things.     
  1. Keeping to regular lessons
  2. Doing the required amount of lessons
  3. Listening and concentrating whilst on lessons
  4. Giving 100% commitment
Doing all the above will give you a better chance of passing first time in the least amount of lessons, thus saving you money.
The Theory Test......
The theory test has two parts.  The first is a multiple choice of 50  questions. The pass mark is 43.
The second part is the hazard perception  test where you are shown 14 video clips of various hazards (one clip  has two separate hazards). The maximum score for each hazard is 5 points  decreasing with the length of time it takes you to respond. Maximum  score for this is 75 points. To pass you must achieve 44 points.
You need to pass both parts of the test to be successful. If you  pass one part and fail the other you will fail the whole test and will  have to take both parts again. The nearest theory test centres are  Cardiff or Merthyr Tydfil.     
The Practical Test......
At the test centre in Llantrisant you:
  1. Must produce your appointment letter in case of a query
  2. Must produce your Driving Licence Card & Theory Certificate for inspection
  3. Must be able to Read a car number plate at a set distance of approximately 20.5 metres or about 6 car lengths
  4. You will be asked one "tell me" question in the test centre prior to taking the test
  5. You will be asked one further question whilst driving the car during the test
      • Sample questions can be found on DVSA website
  6. The practical road test lasts approximately 40 minutes
  7. You will be tested on your general driving ability
  8. This will include:
      • 1 manoeuvre
      • Using a sat nav
      • Possibly an emergency stop
      • 1 in 3 pupils are asked to do this during the test
      • An independent drive where you need to drive on your own by following a series of directions by the examiner
  9. At the end of the test the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed
  10. You can make up to 15 minor driving faults and pass
  11. But 16 or more minor faults results in a fail
  12. If you commit 1 serious or dangerous fault you will fail the test
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Area Covered...
Learn to drive in CF37, CF38, CF39, CF40, CF41, CF45, CF46, CF72  including Abercynon, Beddau, Church Village, Caerphilly, Llantwit  Fardre, Llantrisant, Nelson, Porth, Pontypridd,  Pontyclun,  Tonypandy, Tonteg, Talbot Green, Treforest,  Tonyrefail, Ynysybwl       
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